Timo Haanpää | Full-time Instructor in Art Education

Documentary: "Hiljaa toivotut – tahattoman lapsettomuuden kohtaaminen"

My current art project consists of directing a documentary which incorporates the script, design, direction and partly also the filming style of a film. The last film I was involved in making, together with seven other directors, was "Reaching Father" (2006). My goal is later to also combine research with the artistic practices of the film industry.

"Hiljaa toivotut – tahattoman lapsettomuuden kohtaaminen" is a documentary about two couples who try to conceive their own child by way of fertility treatments. The film is an emotional journey through the different dimensions of the couples' experience of the treatments and of childlessness. The film also brings out the challenges that childlessness pose to the dynamics and roles within the couples during the fertility treatments. It centres on contemplation about what makes a meaningful life and about the future – with or without a child.

Director: Timo Haanpää
Producer: Janne Niskala, Vaski Filmi Oy, Oulu
Funded by Suomen Elokuvasäätiö, AVEK and YLE Co-Productions
First aired: Ykkösdokumentti (Channel One Documentary), TV1
Running time: approx. 75 min
Filming period: 2007-2009
Estimated completion and premiere: 2010

Timo Haanpää

Full-time Instructor in Art Education
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