Tomi Knuutila | Lecturer in Digital Media

I am interested in interaction with a low participation threshold, abusing different media and technologies, small innovations, fast solutions and combinations of all the above. My work lately has involved exhibiting different types of works facilitating this sort of interactive participation, mostly in joint exhibitions, although I find the museums and galleries of the art world quite restricting and unsuitable when it comes to media art. I prefer improvised situations where an art work, system or software based on a particular idea is created in a short time.

Much of my creative work can be found on the internet. Animations, photography and video work of mine, for example, can be watched, commented on or added to favourites on various online community web sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr). This medium makes it possible for art works to be seen by an audience several times the size of what would be possible in a traditional gallery. The net has an interesting hermaphroditic aspect to it: on one hand, it can be used to display traditional art products such as images, videos and documentaries; on the other hand, art can be made on the net which is not possible to produce in traditional ways. Occasionally, the net functions as part of my artwork, as in for example my piece "Wish You Were There", where visitors to the installation get a picture taken of them against a virtual background by phoning the number they see on the screen. The picture can be found online a moment after phoning and becomes part of the picture gallery showing participants of the work.

Many of my works are difficult to create and realise but are simple and fun for the people who use, view and interact with them. Humour is seriously an important thing.


Tomi Knuutila

Lecturer in Digital Media
+358 (0)40 484 4384 | Ext. 2357