Jari Mikkola | Full-time Instructor in Multimedia Studies

My artistic work has in recent times been strongly focused on my band Desert Planet. Desert Planet makes electronic music which it combines with its own video, multimedia and photography productions. Another very important element in the band's performances is real-time video projections, which are controlled by the band's own VJ (Video Jockey). With me in the band are Jukka Tarkiainen and Antti Hovila.

Desert Planet has released five albums and Finland's first USB music and multimedia album in 2007. In 2008 we released a documentary short film called "Short Tour Movie". So far we have performed in Finland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Russia. We make all our music videos ourselves.

Our music is strongly influenced by old video games, especially their music and soundscape. In addition, our inspirations have included B-class science fiction aesthetics, retro-futuristic concepts and recently, among other things, circuit bending. We are committed to trying to develop new, experimental and alternative ways of producing our art and music.

We have also taken part in a few group art exhibitions.

Desert Planet were awarded the Lapland Province Art Award in 2005 by the Lapland Arts Council. The award was based on our initiative in exporting Finnish culture, original use of new techniques in pop music and the band's creative new use of the Internet.

I have also held a few solo exhibitions without the band (in Finland, Germany and Switzerland) and have participated in a few group exhibitions. My own artistic work has consisted mostly of video and photography work.


Jari Mikkola

Full-time Instructor in Multimedia Studies
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