Silja Nikula | Lecturer in Graphic Design

In my work I explore the how the experience of travel can be represented. The target of my research is the feeling of a place and of the experience of travel: How can the experience be conveyed in a picture? How do the meanings and interpretations of the journey by the traveller add their own stories to it? The project has affiliations with the field of visual communications and participates, as well, in the discourse found in humanistic geography on the spirit of a place. The theoretical elements of my research work together with and illuminate the content of my artistic work. Making pictures is a process which foregrounds the central aspects that characterise the maker's point of view.

The pictures are from the exhibition "Poeettinen muodonmuutos – matkakuvia Prahasta", on display at the university's Gallery Valo 31.3-16.4.2009. They are wood engravings made after the trip, emerging from different sources: the history of the place, art, the sights and experiences of the trip all combined.


Silja Nikula

Lecturer in Graphic Design
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