Korinna Korsström-Magga | Art Education

"Mukkavuopajan maalintu"
Community art education by way of the Ivalo environmental art nature path

For my mainly art-oriented Master's thesis I explore the idea of community-based art education and environmental art through constructing an environmental art nature path in Ivalo.

My project is based on tourism and travel development in Northern Lapland and investigates, among other things, how the travel appeal of Ivalo, Sodankylä and Nuorgami can be enhanced through environmental and community art. The aim of the project was to design an environmental art nature path in Ivalo which reflects the local cultural identity of the village and in which the building and continuous development of the nature path serves a community-based art educational purpose. During the project I worked together with the people of the village of Ivalo in designing the first art work of the path.

A highlighted aim of the project was to work in cooperation with schools. The work for the project enabled the teaching to be taken out of the classroom and into the centre of the village community. While building the first art piece for the environmental art nature path I became aware of the potential role of community-based environmental art in reinforcing a sense of community, strengthening cultural identity and environmental education.

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