Veera Vitikka | Textile Design

Temporary installation, court yard of Arktikum House

Artistic element of Master's Thesis

Jäähahtuva (Ice Flake) is made from combining ice, plywood and textile. The frame is three metres in diameter and made from 16 plywood arches. Strings of cotton and tricot fabrics are tied between the aches and create pattern which covers the entire ball. An approximately 5 cm layer of ice was frozen onto the textile surface of the structure. The completed piece weighed approximately a tonne.

The piece was commissioned by the Arctic Centre's Science Centre for the winter of 2008-2009. The aim was to design and build a functional installation combining textiles and ice or snow for the front of the building. The starting point of the design was the physical and mental atmosphere of the space. Jäähahtuva symbolised the area's indigenous peoples' way of relating to nature. The piece was my way of thinking through issues surrounding the consequences of the Western conception of nature, for example climate change and its impact on arctic areas. The Jäähahtuva piece is designed in a way that enables it to be easily taken down and reassembled.

Design of art work: Veera Vitikka
Construction by: Raimo Pankkonen ja Veli-Heikki Saraspää, foremen at the Arctic Centre
Space: Arctic House, courtyard
Running time: 17.2-18.3.2009
Measurements: diameter 3 metres
Materials: plywood, cotton and ice
Project supervisors: Henna Mantere and Kristiina Hänninen