Art and Research

Art is also done on the postgraduate level (which in Finland follows the Master's degree) at the Faculty of Art and Design. The doctoral dissertation included in the Doctor of Arts degree may take the form of, among other things, an exhibition, product development project, educational project or production concept. These projects are meant to produce new knowledge that contributes to the body of research in a particular field, new methodological skills as well as products which fulfil high artistic requirements.

The Faculty of Art and design currently has approximately 60 active postgraduate students, a number of whose projects contain an artistic element. Of the doctoral dissertations defended at the Faculty, three have included an artistic production. On these pages we present artistic projects which have formed part of a doctorate.

Doctors of Art

Kaisu Koski
Juha Saitajoki
Eija Timonen

Postgraduate students

Mervi Autti
Tomi Knuutila
Kalle Lampela
Kuutti Lavonen
Teijo Pellinen
Minna Rainio
Markus Schröppel
Bettina Schülke
Ilkka Väätti