Kaisu Koski | Doctor of Arts

Doctoral dissertation

"Augmenting Theatre: Engaging With the Content of Performances and Installations on Intermedial Stages"

In her doctoral dissertation, Kaisu Koski, D.A., examines the way in which technology has worked to expand theatrical space in performances and installations. Of central importance are the qualitative characteristics of the work of art and the processes involved in making art.

Koski analyses how performers and viewers are able to appear in technologically enabled spaces and how they interact with the contents of the art work. The focus is on computer graphics and sounds, the use of mobile phones in performances as well as real-time and recorded video projections, all of which interact with the artistic work.

According to the study, technology changes the process of making the work of art as well as its reception. The results of the study are presented visually on charts, which facilitate an understanding of the relationships between different elements in theatre spaces.

Koski's project also draws attention to the fluidity of the boundaries between the illusion created in the theatre and everyday reality, as theatrical performances are increasingly being situated in the midst of everyday life.

The research methods used are derived from both media and theatre studies. Koski develops a model which can be adapted to the making of art. The artistic element of the research is made up of three components.

Kaisu Koski defended her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Art and Design on 2.6.2007.

Publication details:
Koski, Kaisu: "Augmenting Theatre. Engaging With the Content of Performances and Installations on Intermedial Stages". Enschede 2007. 236 pages. Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis 116. ISBN 978-952-484-093-4