Bettina Schülke | Postgraduate student in the Faculty of Art and Design

"Transaction" | Exchange as Artistic Media

"Transaction" is an artistic PhD project currently underway in Media Studies at the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland.

Thematically the phenomenology of time-space dimensions is at the centre of my work. Visual perceptions of the relationship between space and time are researched within the theoretical framework of cognitive science, phenomenological theory and elements of philosophy and media theory.

The rapid changes in technology in our society are reflected in changes in perception, especially in cyberarts and interactive works of art.

Transaction, on this view, takes place through energy, but how does this energy become visible? How much does the viewer/participant alter and influence the artwork? Is the interactive participant entering into a dialogue with the artwork and the space? How much does the perception of the participant change the work and how much is visual perception influenced by the work? What are the effects of space and time in this regard?

Physical, bodily and mental engagement with the art work and the space creates a multi-sensorial experience. Vision, sound, touch and motion alter perception. This adds depth and new dimensions to the flow of information. The trans-sectoral aspect is explored by examining the different perspectives that arise from different ways of perceiving our surroundings. Within this process it becomes evident that spatio-temporal thinking is connected to action. Sensory perception emerges through movement of the vision, which creates space. One of the most significant influences on the shifts in our perception is the impact which technology has on human awareness of the scale of space and the changing sense of self that this awareness has created.

  • Transaction through Transaction itself
  • Transaction as interaction
  • Transaction from one action into another action
  • Transaction between entities (viewer-art work-space)

The epistemology of Transaction is a cross model between practice-based research and research-based practice. The project comprises a theoretical research component and a practical artistic component. The theory and the artistic work are closely connected and are intended to support and complement each other. A large portion of the work will consist of elements from the fine arts, such as drawings, paintings, collages, installations, interactive works as well as photography, animation and video images. The artistic component is based on three different international exhibitions, the last one of which reflects the entire artistic process. Knowledge is produced through theory, observation and practice. Theory is used in order to reflect on the art works and new work is built on theory, cognition and insight.

I consider the process of doing art and the knowledge gained through this process to be as important as the outcome of the work itself. In other words, knowledge is produced through theoretical research, practical artwork and the epistemology of action (action research).

Transaction is a conceptually oriented art research project. Scientific theorising and the artistic experience guide and influence each other and are an indication of the interaction between research and research action.

Thematic analysis supports my own thinking and the data which emerges is based on an artistic viewpoint. During the research, the production of meaning is built on practice, facts, theory and process. Behind each practice lies a different theoretical background. The question of how a practice works will be further developed and ultimately becomes a field of science of its own, which completes a full practice-theory-practice circle. Theoretical cognition is influenced through analyses and methodology in light of of earlier theoretical research discussions.

Transaction is an artistic research project which reflects on the interpretation of the work of art and aims to create novel strategies for gaining new knowledge.

Bettina Schülke

Postgraduate student in the Faculty of Art and Design
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