Aku Meriläinen | Audiovisual Media Culture

My artistic work focuses on real-time visual and media installations. My largest collections have been created, among other things, for a number of fashion shows as well as for various music artists in Finland and abroad.

Visually my most significant project has been "Sound of Graphics", a competition piece, which is a cross between two independent works (a live-visual piece and a photography piece, "Kokonaiseus" from 2007). An additional intersection of genres explored in this piece is the grey area between live visual art and music videos.

The work developed from and retained its basis in live visual art. Live visual elements were evident in the final result in that I play live-visuals into the song six times. I interpreted the themes of vanity and superficiality in the song "Bad Boy" by Lapko. Using this interpretation as a starting point, I limited my picture selection to five photographs I had produced earlier on the theme of gender roles. All the pictures are of the same person and point to themes of appearance, struggling and being silenced, all of which are addressed in one way or another in the lyrics of the song.

Perhaps the most interesting among the installations is "Detention" (2008). This was a group project that resulted in the "Wiimote" chair, the point of which was to allow the participant to experience the feeling of an old-fashion detention. Our technical inspiration for this project came from Dr. Johnny Chung's earlier art work using a Wii game console (Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University). From the point of view of media studies, the installation references hacking culture, or the harnessing of existing technology for new purposes.

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