Matti Niinimäki | Audiovisual Media Culture

My artistic work is not restricted to just one area; rather, I am active in many different areas in graphic design and performance art. My primary focus, however, is on making video and media art.

My background is strongly rooted in combining music and video material, as I have worked for eight years as a DJ and am part of the Superia United VJs collective. Together with other members of Superia United, I have worked with video projections at numerous music events in Rovaniemi and across Finland. I have also made digital video props for the University Theatre of Lapland and one of my animations can be seen in the permanent collection at the Arctic Centre. On the video art front, my biggest interest at the moment is in digital graffiti and street art made with video projections, which is the topic of my Bachelor's project, currently underway.

While I remain active in the area of video art and especially real-time animation, I have recently become focused on physical user interfaces and interactive installations. I often use objects found at flea markets or garbage dumps, which I then alter for new use, using sensors and electronics.

Many media artists take themselves too seriously. I am not one of them, and humour is a strong element in most of my work. I take the work itself seriously but not myself or my thoughts.

+358 (0)40 762 7352