A Fusion of Northern and International Innovation

In the artistic work of the University, the international perspective join forces with the northern dimension and its cultural heritage.

The artistic work aims for ecological, cultural and social sustainability and a close connection with the northern environment and community. This is why art is made and developed in collaboration with local, regional and international partners such as the environmental experience event industry, as well as various services supporting travel and tourism, northern living conditions and education. As a result, special emphasis in the artwork – as well as in the research and teaching at the Faculty of Art and Design – is placed on the northern and arctic element, on creative solutions which support the event and travel industry, and on design.

Extensive development studies, for example, which are based on the interaction between artistic work and research, often involve local, regional and international cooperation. Research projects in the Faculty of Art and Design have particularly contributed to the development of methods and practices in art education, environmental and community art and winter art.