Art Works on Display

Galleries Valo, Katve, Kajo and Kilo

There are four galleries within the Faculty of Art and Design in which students of the faculty can present art works relating to their studies and members of staff their art. The gallery spaces can also be hired by external parties.

In addition to art from what might be called the traditional fine arts, the gallery exhibits, among other things, industrial art and media-related productions.

Multimedia Archive

The multimedia archive comprises all the web galleries and is, furthermore, a tool for teaching and other work in the Faculty of Art and Design. The archive consists mainly of art-based final pieces, projects by students and research projects.

The multimedia archive has been divided into three web galleries. The Gallery Kaiku is a common web page for the entire faculty. It features course work, exhibitions that have taken place in the galleries, portfolios and works in progress. Gallery Kaiku also includes works on display around the University. The Winter Art Gallery consists of material produced and assembled during the winter art school project entitled The Snow Show. The Gallery of Site Specific Art documents environmental, community and performance art as well as inter-art events.

The multimedia archive came about as a result of the Digitys, Digmo and Digmore projects.

Other web galleries

The ACE Archive, a joint collaboration between the Universities of Lapland and Strathclyde, displays environmental and community art by students of the University of Lapland. The archive has also documented experiences of, and some of the thinking behind, the realisation of environmental and community art as well as art education.

The River Lights Archive documents the fire art performance "River Lights" which has been performed annually in Rovaniemi since 2001.