Art from the North to the World

The University of Lapland is a vital wellspring of northern creativity where science and art go hand in hand.

At the heart of artistic activity is the Faculty of Art and Design, around which a thriving creative community has sprung up. Its effects can be seen in the cultural life of Lapland and throughout the country, and they are reflected in the region's economy and international cooperation networks.

Artistic activity is a central part of undergraduate and postgraduate education, research and adult education, as well as regional development.

The faculty staff include, among others, experts who are internationally active in fine art, media art, design and environmental and community art. Students create artworks for their theses and other assignments which may take the form of exhibitions, live art happenings, product development projects or artistic education productions.

The faculty also coordinate innovative projects combining art and research and is responsible for the maintenance of gallery spaces and web galleries.