Development project HaILa





Project HaILa – short for Growing high-level intellectual capital in Lapland – is a two-year development project in the Graduate School. Project HaILa strengthens the development of high-level intellectual capital in northern Finland where the University of Lapland is based. In Finnish, the project is called Korkean tason osaamispääoman kasvattaminen Lappiin.

In particular, project HaILa aims to improve the quality of doctoral education at the University. The University has recently renewed its doctoral education both in terms of structures and content in order to strengthen its research profile of change in the Arctic and the north, and in order to better link the education to the needs of the potential growth areas that exist in the region.

The specific purpose of this project is to improve the quality of doctoral education and internationalisation through international education, supervising, coordination and seminar activities. Thereby, the project strengthens the status of the University of Lapland as a competitive and appealing environment for research and education within its profile areas and within fields that have considerable development potential in Lapland.

As a result, the project will produce a set of good practices and principles through which the international viewpoint will be an intrinsic value in doctoral education at the University. The results of the project will be functional structures and work flow plans for implementing high-quality, internationalised and multidisciplinary doctoral education. The results will also include tools for supporting co-operation between doctoral students and the employer sector, thus facilitating doctoral students’ future integration into the labour market.

Project HaILa is implemented through six measures:

1 Coordination and project management
2 Integrating international experts into doctoral teaching and supervising
3 Organising international seminars
4 Doctoral candidates’ participation in international conferences and seminars
5 Regional co-operation between doctoral students and the employer and corporate sector
6 Support services of doctoral training and follow-up

The University will harness the results for improving the work of its Graduate School and doctoral programmes in it. At the end of the project, we aim to have clear and systematic plans for management and work flow in both international and regional co-operation; we will also communicate these practices to doctoral students and other relevant parties. There will also be an information kit available for doctoral students and supervisors; the kit will contain information on the processes of teaching and supervising.


Contact us:

Academic director: professor Anu Valtonen, anu.valtonen(at)
Project manager: coordinator Annukka Jakkula, annukka.jakkula(at)

Project HaILa is implemented with support from the European Social Fund. The lifespan of the project is from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017.