For the North, for the World

The University's strategic profile is research on change in the Arctic and the North. The profile is based on an international evaluation of the University's research carried out in 2013. The results of the international evaluation highlighted the University's research expertise on matters pertaining to Arctic and northern issues.

The mission of the University is For the North, for the World.






The University of Lapland conducts multidisciplinary research on change in the Arctic and the North and educates experts of changing work. In research on responsible tourism, the local way of life, the environment and constructed environments are connected with developing the tourism industry. Service design puts the interaction between art and science to good use in creating industrial products, online services, well-being services, and in improving accessibility and safety in various types of environments. Strategically, the research carried out at the University directly supports Finland's Arctic Strategy. Operatively, the University's profiling actions are either directly or indirectly connected with the Finnish Government's spearhead projects and reforms. In addition, the University is responsible for research on the Sámi in the fields of social sciences and law.

The international evaluation panel that assessed the University's research took notice of the long-term strategic work carried out and the societal relevance that the proposed profiling actions hold. With the funding granted by the Academy of Finland, the University of Lapland is implementing the profiling actions Arctic rights and natural resources and Indigenous peoples in the Arctic.