Projects at the Forefront of Development

Various project funding makes up for more than a fifth of the University's overall budget. In addition to scientific research, projects develop education as well as regional innovation and cooperation. The University is an innovator in regional development, responding to its information requirements.

For example, a number of significant projects on the use of environmental information and the management of natural resources have been implemented or a currently underway. Projects have also extensively developed tourism, social work, rehabilitation and education as well as clarified workplace practices and labour market activities. Upcoming projects will increasingly focus on information leadership and management as well as service design.

The University’s multidisciplinary fields of science and art create a sound and flexible foundation for project activities. For example, art education and environmental art have been put to versatile use in projects that seek to support the construction and preservation of socially sustainable environments. Also legal competence has been merged into multidisciplinary projects.

Project activities have generated considerable expertise in specific issues relating to the Barents region for the University. Finbarents, a joint support centre of the University of Lapland and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences for international project activities, brings the Barents region a step closer.

The projects are mainly financed by international and national regional funds. The share of national and international competed research funding has increased in recent years. Projects of the Faculty of Art and Design relating to its field are mainly funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes.

In addition, the University finances nine spearhead projects in its strategic leading areas.