Spearhead projects

The University of Lapland finances nine spearhead projects in its strategic leading areas. Through these projects, the University aims to strengthen scientific research and artistic activity within its profile and leading strategy areas. The spearhead projects were selected in 2011 via call for applications open to University's research groups.

  • Professor Jaakko Husa: Understanding Legal and Institutional Pluralism 2011–2014
  • University Lecturer, Adjunct Professor Lassi Heininen and Research Professor Timo Koivurova: Globalization in the Arctic – political, legal and environmental perspectives
  • Professor Marja Tuominen: Feeniks – Art and culture in post-war reconstruction process of Lapland
  • Professor Asko Suikkanen: Steady work in a shifting society
  • Professor Anu Valtonen: New Sleep Order
  • Professor Julian Reid: The Biopolitics of Sustainable Development in the Barents Region
  • Research Professor Bruce Forbes: Financing of scientific research and artistic activity in the strategic leading areas of the profile of the University of Lapland
  • Professor Kaarina Määttä: Love-based leadership – interdisciplinary approach
  • Professor Soile Veijola: Acapella Village, Designing Culturally and Ecologically Sustainable Tourist Communities for the Future