The Academic Profession in the Knowledge-Based Society (APIKS) 

The Changing Academic Profession (CAP 2007-2008) was a global survey, originally carried out by 19 research groups, which spawned several successor projects. It produced relevant information, publication channels for scholars, and a platform for implementation of the new survey to be carried out in 2017.

CAP survey was based on a strong consortium of scholars, and the fact that it was state of the art was much based on the efforts of the country teams. There was also strong senior support for the survey, which has enabled the close connections between higher education research and institutions as well as to relevant publication channels. After this year, the 2007-2008 Survey consortium will not exist except in the context of several forthcoming publications. The CAP survey, however, brought a number of successor projects. International co-operation between the research teams will continue, and this creates opportunities for the CAP survey to continue beyond 2014 in some form. It may not be possible to carry out an identical survey, but one option could be found in a more focused survey within a limited number of disciplines.

The aim is to go ahead now with preparatory meetings before we implement the survey in 2017. The first work shop was in Helsinki, the second in Sao Paulo, probably between 23-24.04.2015, third in Aveiro in September 10-12 2015 and in Seoul in the end of April 2016.

The consortium will undertake two new surveys. One is The Academic Profession in the Knowledge-Based Society survey, which will be focused on a survey sample of science, engineering and technology disciplines and may include a more broad focus, provided that it includes a sub-sample representative of science, engineering and technology fields. The second is the Formative Years survey, to address the career experiences, expectations and attitudes toward the academic life of academics in the formative phase of the career, which includes the years of doctoral training, post-doctoral experience up to the first more stable academic contract. Each country team will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of either one or both of the surveys.

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