Sámi art research

The Faculty of Art and Design is a main contributor to Sámi art research in the Sámi regions of Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Finland. The faculty collaborates closely with cultural and educational organizations of the Sámi in the areas of visual art and culture.

The Sámi-related research conducted in the faculty has dealt with e.g. Arctic esthetics, Sámi ornamentation, pictures of the Lappish myth, Sámi people as subjects of Finnish fine art, Sámi fine art, interaction between Sámi culture and contemporary art, art education, cultural and psychosocial wellbeing, and how the Sámi are portrayed by the media.

Utilizing art in teaching has been developed in cooperation with Sámi schools and educational institutions. Sámi culture has been examined in schools through e.g. environmental and winter art. The faculty’s design expertise and the materials and techniques of Sámi handicraft culture have also been combined in the teaching.

The faculty is part of many Sámi-related research and educational networks. The faculty provides basic and subject studies in industrial design for the open academic Davvi studies. The studies are aimed at youths and adults living in the Sámi region.