Focusing on Sámi pedagogics

In the Faculty of Education, the topics of Sámi research relate to pedagogy and the curriculum, culture-sensitive teaching, the Sámi language, culture and identity, and political activity of indigenous peoples from the perspective of gender. The faculty’s Unit for Gender Studies provides English-language instruction related to the North and indigenous peoples. It also collaborates with the Arctic Studies Program of the University of Lapland.

The research results have been published in Finnish and Sámi in national and international scientific journals. Many dissertations and theses related to the Sámi have been made in the faculty.

The faculty actively develops Sámi teachers’ basic, supplementary, and further training together with the Sámi Education Institute, the Giellagas Institute, and the Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland. The aim of the development is to create pedagogical models drawing on the special characteristics of indigenous peoples and to support the pedagogical development Sámi teachers.

The faculty has a quota for Sámi-speaking students. There are also Sámi-speaking students in class teacher training and other educational training. The faculty has a teacher of the Sámi language and culture specializing in basic studies of the Sámi language.