Research and teaching of Sámi law

The University of Lapland has a national task in the Finnish university establishment regarding jurisprudential research on Sámi law. Therefore, the Faculty of Law has recently invested in developing the basic research and teaching of Sámi law.

The focal points of the basic research on Sámi law include legal issues related to the history, legal status, sovereignty, autonomy, discrimination, language, social affairs, healthcare, legal protection of traditional knowledge and folklore, as well as the livelihoods and land use of the Sámi.

The faculty has developed instruction on Sámi law by establishing a lectureship in the rights of indigenous peoples and by converting the assistant’s position in public law into the position of a researcher of public law, especially Sámi law. In addition, the aim is to establish a visiting professor’s position. In 2011 the faculty launched the optional course Basics of Sámi Law.

The faculty also has a Sámi law research group that is open to those focusing on this area of research.