Political and administrative dimensions of the Sámi

One of the core functions of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to develop its expertise on Arctic and Northern societies. The faculty has a national task in the Finnish university establishment to develop Sámi-related social scientific research.

The faculty conducts Sámi-related research in almost all subjects. Its research focuses on the political and administrative dimensions of the Sámi, such as Sámi politics, indigenous peoples, reindeer husbandry, the environment, land management, wellbeing, and tourism. In addition, the viewpoints of post-colonial critique and gender come up in faculty’s research.

Many Sámi-related dissertations and theses dealing with e.g. sociology, political sciences, social work, and tourism studies have been made in the faculty.

Sámi culture is strongly present in various courses, especially those dealing with Northern issues. The subject of sociology provides multidisciplinary Sámi-oriented basic and subject studies for the Davvi studies.

Those members of the faculty focusing on Sámi research participate in the activities of the Sámi research group of the University of Lapland and the national Sámi research network. In addition, the faculty collaborates with the Giellagas Institute.