Tackling questions of indigeneity and inclusion in international politics (8.2.2016)

The University of Lapland and the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, will organise a workshop in London on 12 February 2016 to address the current claim that political power is being redistributed and exercised in new ways in indigenous issues. The workshop is part of the international research project "Indigeneity in Waiting: Elusive Rights and the Power of Hope" funded by Kone Foundation.

ETMU Days conference at the University of Lapland 22–23 October 2015 (21.10.2015)

For the first time in its history, the annual conference of ETMU (Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration) will be arranged at the University of Lapland. The conference focuses on mobility, roots, and crossing of borders especially from the perspective of indigenous peoples. Along with the event, Rovaniemi will accommodate nearly a hundred Finnish and international researchers sharing an interest in indigenous peoples, ethnic relations, and migration.

International expert on indigenous studies to visit the University of Lapland (20.10.2015)

Audra Simpson, a professor of anthropology from Columbia University in the City of New York, ranks among today's top researchers of indigenous peoples. Between 21 and 23 October 2015, she will be paying a visit to the University of Lapland. Professor Simpson will be one of the keynote speakers at the annual conference of ETMU – Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration.

New publication on the history of Sámi education in Finland (15.12.2014)

A book on the history of Sámi education and schools in Finland (Saamalaisten kansanopetuksen ja koulunkäynnin historia Suomessa) has been published recently. It is the first comprehensive work dealing with the history of Sámi schools and the position of Sámi education in the Finnish school system.

Arctic Centre organizes a joint workshop on Arctic Sacred Sites and Important Landscapes (3.6.2014)

Arctic Centre, jointly with Sámi Education Institute, SIIDA Sámi museum, University of Montréal and University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law, is organizing an indigenous rights-holder workshop “Experiencing and Protecting Arctic Sacred Sites and Culturally Important Landscapes – Creating Partnerships with Mutual Respect” to be held in Inari/Aanar June 11–13, 2014.

Dissertation: International Law Challenged by the Demands of Indigenous Peoples (5.5.2014)

During the past decades, indigenous peoples have started to demand their rights around the world, including Finland. The judicial perceptions of indigenous peoples often contradict national interests and ideologies. Globalization has weakened the status of the nation-state, which has forced Western legal systems to make room for legal pluralism. Hence, the status of indigenous peoples has also continuously evolved, says Jari Uimonen, a doctoral candidate about to defend his dissertation at the University of Lapland.

Sanna Valkonen appointed Associate Professor of Sámi Research (30.4.2014)

Doctor of Social Sciences Sanna Valkonen has been appointed to the position of Associate Professor of Sámi Research at the University of Lapland, starting 2 May 2014. Doctor of Social Sciences Lydia Heikkilä has been appointed as Postdoctoral Researcher of Sámi Research and Master of Law Anne Nuorgam as Junior Researcher of Sámi Research.

The university has launched Sámi web pages (23.10.2013)

The University of Lapland has published web pages in the Sámi language. The pages consist of roughly 30 pages. They were edited by the Communications and External Relations unit of the University of Lapland.

Research workshop on the Arctic change and older people in Tromsø (4.9.2013)

A research team from the University of Lapland will participate at the workshop “Elderly & Arctic Change” to be held in Tromsø, Norway on September 10–11, 2013. The workshop brings together scholars from multidisciplinary background to initiate conversations and discussions on different issues concerning older people in the Arctic.

International multidisciplinary Saami research conference in Inari in September (8.8.2013)

"Oovtâst - Together. Saami research new concepts, theories and methods" Conference will offer a multidisciplinary venue for finding new methodological, conceptual and epistemological approaches to Saami studies. The conference will be held on September 25–27 in Inari.

Forced relocations of Sámi within Russia resulted in significant cultural change and social problems (28.6.2013)

New oral history study explores the forced resettlements which most of the Sámi of the Kola Peninsula had to undergo during the period between the end of the war in 1945 and beginning of perestroika.

International Book about Sámi Education – Authored by Pigga Keskitalo, Kaarina Määttä and Satu Uusiautti (27.6.2013)

Doctor Pigga Keskitalo, Professor Kaarina Määttä, and Doctor Satu Uusiautti have published a book about Sámi education and its special features in English. They discuss Sámi pedagogy, and the development and challenges of Sámi education based on their research collaboration.

Registration open for Indigenous Sacred Sites Conference (18.6.2013)

The multidisciplinary conference gathers for the first time in Finland sacred sites custodians, scientists, indigenous people's organizations, policy makers and other interested people to share knowledge and ideas for better recognize, legally protect and manage the sacred sites and sanctuaries of indigenous peoples in Northern and Arctic regions.

International Arctic Conference in Rovaniemi in December (12.6.2013)

International conference “In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process – Arctic Cities, Global Processes and Local Realities” is organized in Rovaniemi 2–4 December 2013. The conference will focus on global challenges in the Arctic from the perspective of environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition to the scientific part, the participation of Arctic mayors plays a significant role in the conference.

Workshop on human rights research at the Arctic Centre (9.4.2013)

This week, the Arctic Centre is welcoming 20 international guests and 6 keynote speakers for a PhD workshop on the notion of group in human rights research. The workshop is held April 10–12, and it includes a series of public lectures, too.

Funding for research on land use questions in Lapland related to the ILO Convention (5.4.2013)

Finnish Agricultural Development Fund (Makera) has granted a EUR 130 000 for postdoctoral researcher Tanja Joona from the Arctic Centre’s Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM).

Conference on Saami research in Inari in September (4.4.2013)

International conference “Oovtâst – Together. New concepts, theories and methodologies on Saami studies” will be held in Inari, Finland, on September 25–27.

Arctic anthropology workshop on indigenous ecological knowledge (21.3.2013)

The Anthropology Research Team at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland organizes a workshop on indigenous ecological knowledge on Saturday 6 April 2013 at 12:00 in Arktikum, Rovaniemi.

New book about the proposed Nordic Saami Convention (12.2.2013)

Research Professor Timo Koivurova from the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland) and Professor of Law Nigel Bankes from the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) have been the editors of the new book called "The Proposed Nordic Saami Convention: National and International Dimensions of Indigenous Property Rights".

Conference on indigenous sacred sites in the Arctic (7.2.2013)

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland will organize an international conference on indigenous sacred sites in the Arctic. The conference “Protecting the sacred: Recognition of Sacred Sites of Indigenous Peoples for Sustaining Nature and Culture in Northern and Arctic Regions” will be held in Rovaniemi and Pyhätunturi, Finland, on September 11–13.

Pigga Keskitalo and Kaarina Määttä published a new book about Sámi pedagogy (17.12.2012)

The first national Conference on Sámi Pedagogy for teachers and educational authorities was held in Inari, Finland, in 2011. The conference was arranged by the University of Lapland in collaboration with the Regional State Administrative Agency of Lapland, Giellagas Institute of the University of Oulu, and the Sámi Education Institute.

Lectures on land rights of indigenous people in Siberia and Northern Canada (8.11.2012)

President of International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA), Professor Gail Fondahl is visiting Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi next week. She will give a visitor lecture with the title “Reflections on a Visit to the ‘Tree of Memory’: Evenki land rights, territoriality and resource development in Siberia“.