International Arctic University

The University of Lapland is the northernmost art and science university in the European Union. The national task of the University is Arctic expertise. The disciplines and research fields of the University include education, tourism, law, art and design, social sciences, and northern and Arctic issues. The work of the University contributes to sustainable development, well-being and equality both regionally and globally. The University of Lapland is nationally the leading Arctic university in its fields of science and art.

The University of Lapland has an internationally recognized role in matters pertaining to the Arctic. Research in the Arctic Centre of the University combines social sciences and natural sciences.

The University also hosts the secretariat of the University of the Arctic, which forms an international network of over 170 partners. The thematic networks of the UArctic include e.g. Arctic Extractive Industries, Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design, and Health and Well-being in the Arctic.