Computer Services

All international students will receive a personal username for the use of university computers and a university e-mail address upon their arrival. The new e-mail is added to the ‘Internationallist’  which is a mailing list that enables the international office to inform our international students about changes in course schedules, special events, or other relevant information. Using the university’s e-mail is a useful service for finding out about the latest news concerning international students, courses, and events.

You can find several computers in the corridors of the university that are meant for e-mailing etc. We also have several computer rooms for study related purposes all with internet connection. The computer rooms are open to all the students of the university during the university hours of operation. For students with a laptop, there is also a free wireless internet connection available on university premises.

In addition, the university also has a "Computer Centre Helpdesk" to help students with any email or technical problems.

The Helpdesk is a gateway between students and the Computer Centre. It is a place where you can go when you have problems with computers. It is located in the first floor of wing F of the Main Building .

To use computers in the classes and the email of the University of Lapland you need a personal user id and password. You can get these from Helpdesk. The computers in the corridors can be used freely without user ids.

Helpdesk loans keys to the A-wing self-study computer room (deposit EUR 35). In the self-study room, you can use computers seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

For further information and the rules on the use of computers in the University of Lapland, please have a look at the ICT Services web pages.