Finnish Friend Programme

One of the things that makes Finnish Lapland unique is its friendly people and diverse cultures. The University of Lapland is committed to giving its international students first hand experiences of life in Lapland by pairing participating students with people from the local area. The Finnish Friend Programme not only offers students an opportunity to experience everyday Finnish life and culture, but also helps them adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with welcoming Finns.

There are a number of people and families in the Rovaniemi region who are interested in meeting international students in an informal way. People are often interested in making friends with a newcomer, inviting a student for a visit every now and then, or are just interested to share their free time with an international student. The idea of the programme is to introduce Finland, Lapland, and Finnish culture to international students. In doing so, the locals would also have the chance to learn about the home country of the student and about his/her language and culture. The families and the students will be matched according to their language skills, hobbies, etc.

Once you are accepted to study in the University of Lapland as an international student, you are eligible to apply to the Finnish Friend Programme. The activity will be introduced during the Orientation Programme.

Please wait until the link to the online application form has been updated before submitting your application. The deadline for the student registration for Autumn 2015 will be informed in September 2015. 

You can get more information about the Finnish Friend Programme from:

Ulla Alanko
International Coordinator
International Relations Office

tel: +358 40 484 4465