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Student Union- LYY

The Student Union (LYY – Lapin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta) is a public corporation with an independent and important role here in Rovaniemi. The purpose of the Student Union is to represent and work on the behalf of students by advancing their social status within the community and supporting student academic rights. The Student Union at the University of Lapland represents its members in meetings with the university administration and in meetings with the local and national government in cooperation with the National Union of Students in Finland (SYL). The Union is responsible for organizing and overseeing many services, activities, and events for students. Please visit their website for updates on events and news!

Lapin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta (LYY) Ahkiomaantie 23 B
FI-96100 Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 (0)40 578 4207/office
Fax +358 (0)16 311 357
E-mail: lyy(at)