Student Housing

The local student housing foundation Domus Arctica (DAS) arranges accommodation for international students.

For exchange students accommodation is guaranteed if they apply on time (by end of June for the autumn semester and full year admission / mid-November for the spring semester).

International degree students are able to apply for accommodation continuously. Please note that for international degree students there are no guaranteed accommodation. It is very important to apply housing as soon as possible, since the applicants are placed in order of arrival of the applications.

Student apartments are located in four different locations in Rovaniemi:

• Ounasvaara Kuntotie area, 3 km from the University
• Rantavitikka and Anninportti, near the University main building
• Rovala, close to the city centre, 3 km from the University and near the bus station
• Asemarinne, near the railway station

The monthly rent for a room in a flat shared by two or three persons ranges from 190€ to 320€ per person depending on the size, condition, furniture, etc. of the room. The rent includes water, but you must pay separately for basic furniture and electricity. All students must pay a refundable 250€ deposit in advance in their home country in order to confirm the accommodation and to receive the key for their room. The deposit has to be paid at a bank before arrival and by the due date. Accommodation will be reserved only for those students who have paid the deposit on time. The deposit will be returned by bank transfer to the student after he or she has left Rovaniemi.

The rent must be paid every month. It covers the whole month from the first until the last day of the month. The rent must be paid through a bank account. Remember to check the exact date in your tenancy agreement.

Tenancy agreements are always periodic for exchange students. For the autumn semester starting 1.8. (1.9. if its possible) and always ending 31.12. For the spring semester starting 1.1. and ending 31.5. at the earliest.

The periodic tenancy agreement means that the lease will obligate both lessor and Tenant the period mentioned in the agreement, even if the tenant is leaving earlier. So you can't make the termination of the tenancy agreement. Also keep in mind that if you apply for a room after the end of June (for autumn semester) or mid-November (for spring semester), DAS cannot guarantee a room for you if you are an exchange students.

More detailed information about student housing and applications will be sent to students after they have been accepted at the University of Lapland. Students can apply for student housing online on the DAS website.

Contact information

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96300 Rovaniemi, FINLAND
Tel. +358 (0)20 7699 180
Fax +358 (0)20 7699 188
Internet: www.das.fi
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