After Bachelor

With the Bachelor degree under your belt, you’ll have some exciting decisions to make. Do you want to keep on studying, and further develop your profile and prospects? Or are you keen to launch your career, and start making your mark on the workforce?

The most obvious choice is to continue your studies and gain a Master's degree. The University of Lapland offers a range of Master’s degree studies with excellent reputations to study the same subject in greater depth. It is also an option to enroll at another Finnish university or one in another country.

You could also opt to enter the employment market immediately, armed with your new Bachelor's degree. However nowadays, most employers prefer to employ students who have completed both the Bachelor's and Master's phases. However, there are some companies which hire Bachelor’s graduates and provide them with further 'on the job' training.

If you really have no idea what you want to do after having completed your Bachelor's degree, you might consider taking some time off to explore the world. Taking a distance from the academic environment is beneficial for some students and helps them to focus on their options. For others, however, it has precisely the opposite effect: they become even more confused and find it difficult to pick up where they had left off.