Working in Finland

As you near the completion of your master's degree, you can start to explore the job market and prepare yourself to embark on your career. When you have graduated, you may decide that you would like to find full-time employment in Finland. It is highly advisable to prepare already before graduation for the actual job hunting.

Bear in mind that if you manage to find a part-time job in your field while you are still studying, this may act as a springboard to full-time employment. The general advice concerning (part-time) jobs during your studies is also valid when it comes to seeking permanent employment after your studies, so please also read the advice found in that section.

The university’s Career Services can help you get started by providing advice on how to look for jobs after your graduation. They may for example arrange job fairs in cooperation with prospective employers, or organize job searching skills seminars and other information sessions.

Do not forget to consult the Aarresaari network webpages mentioned in the previous section.

Non-EU students who have received a degree and are interested to stay in Finland to look for work may submit an application for an additional residence permit after their graduation to search for work. This can be granted for up to six months. This has to be done at the police department before your residence permit for studies expires. Note that a new residence permit can also be issued on some other grounds, for example, postgraduate studies in the same discipline or family ties. When you have completed a degree in Finland, you are entitled to gainful employment without a residence permit for an employed person. Once you have found a job, you can apply for a residence permit on the basis of employment.

You should also submit the Change of Address notification if you move within Finland and if you move away from Finland you should inform the Registration Office.