Become a tutor


  • Once becoming adapted to life at the university and in Rovaniemi, international degree students can become tutors themselves!

  • Your experiences are very valuable for new incoming degree students and tutoring is a great way to pass them on.

  • If you haven’t been a tutor before, you might be unsure about your task description, your responsibilities and your rights. We aim to prepare future tutors as well as possible and we’re confident that you'll finish this adventure successfully. And we hope that you'll enjoy it as well!

  • Be sure to apply by April  3rd because the preparation process starts as early as April with the training. It is very important for all tutors to join the training and the tutor meetings before and during the semesters.

  • When applying to be a tutor, please keep in mind that we need international tutors to be available in Rovaniemi in the beginning of the semesters when the new international students arrive (end of August/ beginning of January).

  • If you are interested in applying to be an international tutor, please fill in the online application form.

  • There is a Guidebook for International Tutors available, which is full of useful information for accepted tutors. The guidebook can be found in pdf-format and also in printed form at the International Relations Office.
  • If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact the International Relations Office.