The application process

The application process to study abroad has two steps: first the student applies within the University of Lapland and only after the nominations of the University of Lapland the student can apply to the host university that makes the final decision.

Step 1: University of Lapland Application periods:

The University of Lapland has three application periods for exchange studies:

  • The first application period for the upcoming academic year is December-January (Destinations outside Europe deadline Dec 31. European destinations deadline Jan 31.)
  • The next application period is March-April (applications for the upcoming academic year)
  • The last application period for studying abroad is August-September (applications for the upcoming spring semester)


Fill in the online application in SoleMOVE. Attach a motivation letter, Learning Agreement, Certificate of Language Proficiency and unofficial Transcript of Records to your application. You should write a motivation letter and Learning Agreement for every host institution that you are applying to.


Include the following information in your motivation letter(s):

1) Why you should be chosen for the host institution in question and why are you applying for this university?
2) What field and what kind of studies are you planning to study, and how would you include the studies completed in to your degree at the University of Lapland? Clarify, for example, could you transfer the courses completed abroad in your major or would you be doing a minor studies while studying abroad.
3) Discuss what would studying abroad mean for your degree or for your career. Do not forget to mention your language skills or your international experiences.
4) Maximum length 1 page

Nomination criteria

Selection for university level exchange places (bilateral, n2n, Nordlys, FIRST and the university level Erasmus+ places) at the University of Lapland is based on the following criteria:

- How beneficial the student exchange period would be for the studies of a student; the stage of the studies and compatibility with the courses offered at the host university
- Motivation
- Academic standing (grades and the number of completed credits)
- Language skills

Being actively involved with the international activities of the University of Lapland and other international experience is considered an asset.

The decision about the selected students is made by the rector/dean based on the recommendations of the international coordinators of the faculties.

Step 2: Application to the host university (deadline depends on the host university)

After being informed about passing the first step of the application process the student must confirm the exchange in SoleMOVE. Each student will be guided when and how to apply for the host university. Please note that most universities have two separate application periods a year, one for exchange students arriving in autumn semester and one for students arriving in spring semester. For this reason you may be informed about the second step of the application process only during autumn if you are going on exchange in spring semester.

According to given instructions the student should check up the application procedure, fill in the required application documents of the host university and deliver the necessary documents to the coordinator in time. Students should also fill in the learning agreement form and ask the coordinator of the faculty to sign it.

The coordinator will send the selected students’ applications to the host universities that will make the final decision about accepting the students.

Admission decision from the host university and exchange student grants

The students often receive the final admission to study abroad from the host university quite late. Only after this the student can be sure about the exchange. In June and October International Relations Office publishes the information letter for outgoing students.

Students are also guided to apply for a grant in SoleGRANT after receiving the Acceptance Letter from the host university. The student should upload the copy of the Acceptance Letter to both, the SoleMOVE and the SoleGRANT systems for being able to  receive the grant. Also an email received from the host university can be considered as a proof of acceptance. If receiveing the official Acceptance Letter the student should upload it to the both systems as soon as possible. After receiving all the needed documents the International Office will pay the first part of the grant in the beginning of the exchange period.

More information about applying grants and grant payment.

Cancelling the study abroad

  •           If you cancel your exchange within 1 month of receiving the acceptance decision from the University of Lapland, you will not be charged any cancellation fees.

  •            If you cancel your exchange due to personal reasons later than 1 month after receiving the acceptance decision from the University of Lapland, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100 euros.

  •            If you do not confirm or cancel your exchange within 1 month, your exchange will be automatically cancelled!

The cancellation fee will not be collected if the cancellation is due for example to a serious illness, pregnancy or military service.

The cancellation fee will also be collected if the student ends his/her exchange before the minimum duration of three months has been achieved. In case of ending the exchange period earlier than planned, the student should notify the International Relations Office, the faculty coordinator and Kela immediately.