SoleGRANT - System for Applying for the Grant


  • Grants for outgoing students will be issued through SoleGRANT system. That means that all outgoing students applying for the grant for their exchange studies or for international placement need to fill in an online application. Students are able to send the application, receive and check the grant decision and print the grant certificate in the SoleGRANT system.

  • The SoleGRANT and SoleMOVE systems are compatible, which means that all previously issued data in SoleMOVE is automatically transferred to SoleGRANT. Students only need to complete the personal data and exchange/placement sections, fill in the grant information and add the enclosure(s).

  • Please note that SoleGRANT is a new system so all feedback from students is valuable for further development.


How to get started with the Online application?

  • In order to access the SoleGRANT system, you must first log in to the SoleMOVE system. Please note that you must first confirm your exchange in the SoleMOVE system before being able to apply for the grant.
  • The grant application can only be sent after the mandatory document has been uploaded. The mandatory attachments for each applicant groups are listed below:



  • You can send the grant application only after receiving the Acceptance Letter from your host university. Please scan the Acceptance Letter and enclose it to your application. Please note that you are required to attach the Acceptance Letter to both the SoleGRANT and SoleMOVE systems. You are also required to attach the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement to your SoleGRANT application.

  • Information on updating the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement will be updated later.



  • You need to enclose the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement to your grant application.



  • You need to attach a Training Agreement  to your grant application (the same attachment as in your SoleMOVE application).

To find out in more detail how to start the application process, please read the SoleGRANT Guide for Outgoing Applicant
carefully. You can log in to the SoleMOVE  and SoleGRANT systems by using the link below:



Application Process at the University of Lapland

Once the application is sent it will be processed. Students will receive information and a grant decision by email through SoleGRANT. The decision can be checked and the grant certificate printed in the SoleGRANT system.


Grant payment

The grant payment process is dependent on the mobility type of the student:



  • The grant will be paid in two parts. Students receive the first part of the grant before going on exchange. The second part (100 euro in Free Mover exchanges, 200 euro in Bilateral, First, Nordlys exchanges and appr. 20 % of the total grant in Erasmus+ exchanges) will be paid after the exchange, when all the required documents have been uploaded to the SoleMOVE system:
  1. Letter of Confirmation (to be confirmed)
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Transcript of Records

  • Students going on exchange in autumn semester or whole academic year can receive their grants on August 31st at earliest, if they have sent the application with required enclosures by August 11th.

  • Students going on exchange in spring semester can receive their grants on December 31st at earliest, if they have sent the application with required enclosures by December 5th.



  • The grant will be paid at once for Free Movers before the traineeship takes place.
  • The grant for Erasmus+ Traineeships will be paid like for Erasmus+ students.
  • The grants will be paid on the 15th or the last day of the month.