SoleMOVE - System for International Mobility




  • The University of Lapland is using SoleMOVE mobility database for mobility administration. That means that all incoming and outgoing students applying for exchange studies or for international placement need to fill in an online application.
  • The SoleMOVE database is used troughout the exchange process from applying to documenting and reporting the exchange.

  • Students need to fill in personal data, exchange study information, current studies and attach enclosures.

  • The enclosures are really important part of necessary documentation of the exchange. After sending the application, students will receive information and decisions by email through SoleMOVE.

  • In the SoleMOVE system students are also able to update their personal and exchange related information afterwards if needed.


How to get started with Online Application
Outgoing Exchange Students and trainees from University of Lapland
Incoming Exchange Students to University of Lapland

Outgoing students:  How to search for exchange destinations in SOLEMOVE?
See guide on the right-hand side.

How to get started with the Online Application

  • To find out in more detail how to start the application process, please see the SoleMOVE Guide for Outgoing Applicant or SoleMOVE Guide for Incoming Applicant.

  • Once you login you can find a detailed user guide sole-help.png.

  • In SoleMOVE database you can find additional info related to the exact data when clicking sole-extrainfo.png button.
  • IMPORTANT: Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when using the SoleMOVE system. The system is not compatible with other browsers.

Outgoing Exchange Students and trainees from the University of Lapland


The required enclosures depend on your mobility type. Please prepare and scan following enclosures ready before entering to the system:

Exchange students:

  • Transcript of Records from home university (Mandatory)
  • Learning Agreement (Mandatory)
  • Motivation Letter (Mandatory)
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency (Mandatory)


Outgoing Erasmus+ trainees:

  • Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traneeship (Mandatory)

Outgoing Free Mover trainees:

  • Free Mover Training Agreement (Mandatory)


After exchange period students are required to attach following enclosures:

  • Transcript of Records from the host university (Mandatory)
  • (Changes to) Learning Agreement (Mandatory)
  • Letter of Confirmation (Mandatory)


After placement period trainees are required to:

  • Attach Erasmus+ or Free Mover Transcript of Work (Mandatory)
  • Fill in the Outgoing Traineeship Evaluation Report in the SoleMOVE system
  • Fill in the EU Survey


Grants for outgoing students will be issued through SoleGRANT. More information about applying the grant can be in found here.


Incoming Exchange Students to the University of Lapland


  • We request that the nomination of incoming students are submitted by email to international.relations(at) by the international coordinator. Deadline for nominations is April 30th / September 30th. Please contact the International Coordinator of your home university.

  • International Office will review the nominations and send an e-mail to these students with detailed application instructions.

  • The University of Lapland Institutional Fact Sheet provides you information on the academic year, housing, studying and study system, residence permit, insurance and other practical matters related to exchange studies.


  • The applicant should fill in the online application in SoleMOVE by using the user name and the password received by email from the SoleMOVE system (after the nomination from the home university). The email includes also the Guidebook for SoleMOVE.

  • Application must be sent through the SoleMove system only with the required attachments, no hard copies must be sent. Applicants can keep track of their application status online in the system but will also receive e-mails when the admission decision is made.

  • Applicants to the Faculty of Art and Design are required to submit a portfolio by attaching it into SoleMOVE application as a PDF-file or by email to: Please see more information on the portfolio. Please see more information on portfolio.


  • Applicant receives the admission decision through the SoleMOVE system, usually within one month from the deadline date. The applicant will receive a Welcoming Package with Admission Letter by email, however some documents (Learning Agreement, Guidebook etc.) will be sent by post.