The Final Stretch – Towards Your Degree and Beyond


  • In addition to completing your academic studies and master’s thesis, there are also a few important procedures that need to be taken care of before you can be awarded a degree certificate.

  • To ensure that things go according to plan without any major delays, you should familiarize yourself with the following requirements and guidelines.

  • These details are general in nature and meant to give all master’s degree students a broad understanding.

  • Students are encouraged to consult with their study coordinator or thesis supervisor to ensure that details regarding faculty specific guidelines or requirements are also being met.


Degree Completion Checklist

1) Fulfilling Academic requirements

2) Construction of a Master’s Thesis

3) Topic Selection and Thesis Supervision

4) Thesis Confidentiality Request

5) Thesis Layout and Format requirements

6) Thesis Publishing and Storage

7) Library Database Requirements

8) University Press guidelines on Thesis Printing

9) Maturity Exam Requirements

10) Evaluation and Grading of the Master’s Thesis

11) Graduation - Diploma Supplement