Construction of a Master's Thesis


  • One of the main academic elements forming degree studies is the thesis, where at the master’s level a thesis requires extensive and independent research work that is intended to document the student’s ability to employ academic theories and methods while working within their chosen major subject field.

  • Although a thesis work is normally done independently, it can also be a joint work done by two or more students. If the master’s thesis is written in a pair or group, the work of each student must be clearly definable from the outcome, and the work must be done in such a way that each student’s work can be evaluated independently.

  • Although normally a master’s thesis is written with one research theme or topic (monograph), the thesis can also be a compilation of several writings or articles dealing with the same subject matter (article thesis). When the latter is chosen, the selected works should deal with the same problem setting, and an explanation is provided that binds the ensemble together. In addition, a study that has previously been published can be approved as a thesis, provided that the work fulfills all requirements for a master’s thesis.

  • Detailed information on the Thesis Layout and Format Requirements can be found here.