Evaluation and Grading of the Master's Thesis


  • The evaluation process for a master’s thesis begins when the thesis supervisor, together with any co-supervisor or thesis advisor, gives an evaluation statement on the thesis, which will include a proposal for a grade.

  • Thesis evaluation statement is then submitted to the faculty board (of the faculty in question) for final approval during one of their monthly board meetings.

  • The thesis evaluation is then either approved or rejected, and the final grade for the thesis is confirmed.

  • In order for the thesis supervisor(s) to have time to produce an evaluation statement, students are advised to submit their final thesis at least three weeks before the targeted faculty board meeting date. The scheduled dates of the faculty council meetings are available in the Faculties’ web-pages and Study Guides.

  • In the grading of a master’s thesis, the emphasis is placed on, among other things, the command of the research methods incorporated, the scientific presentation of the results obtained and the ability to draw conclusions.

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon with the student, the evaluation statement will be sent to the student at least three days before the planned faculty board meeting. If a student is not pleased with the evaluation, then he/she has the right to ask to move the final evaluation to a later faculty board meeting, in order to present any concerns of the evaluation to the supervisor(s). In addition, students have the right to also withdraw their thesis from the evaluation process in order to make corrections to it.

  • If a student is dissatisfied with the thesis evaluation submitted to the faculty council, then he/she has fourteen days (from the moment when he/she had the possibility to view the detailed evaluation and grading of his/her thesis) to make a written request for a re-evaluation to the faculty council.

  • If a student is dissatisfied with the reply to his/her request for re-evaluation, then the student has the right to make a request for changing it to the board of examiners. The student has fourteen days to make this follow-up request, beginning from the time when he / she received a reply to their initial request from the faculty council.

  • All re-evaluation requests must be delivered to the Head of Study Affairs at the faculty in question.

  • Records of the original statements and final grade given by the thesis evaluators and the faculty council will be kept in the faculty office.