Graduation - Diploma Supplement


Apply for your Degree Diploma

  • After having successfully completed all of your study requirements for the master’s degree, you are ready to apply for your degree diploma.

  • The Degree Diploma application form for a master’s degree is available for download on the right sidebar. It should be filled in carefully with the help of the faculty secretary or your teacher tutor.

  • Once completed, the application should then be submitted to the Head of Study Affairs, at your faculty office. Together with the degree diploma, you will receive a detailed transcript of studies, and a Diploma Supplement (for international use) which provides information about the studies completed for the degree and their status in the Finnish educational system.

  • It’s important to note that to be able to obtain a degree diploma; the student needs to be registered as a student at the University of Lapland at the time the certificate is being requested.

Diploma Supplement

  • If you complete a Finnish degree and then decide to look for further education opportunities or employment abroad you will need to apply for recognition of your Finnish qualifications from the receiving foreign university or employer. In these cases, academic or professional recognition cannot be decided in Finland. Recognition decisions are ultimately made without Finnish authorities or institutions having direct influence on the result.

  • University of Lapland issues an English-language Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation.

  • The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to higher education diplomas for use in international contexts. It offers a description of the nature, level, content and status of the awarded degree in the national system and it also gives information on the professional status of the qualification.

  • The purpose is to improve international comparability of degrees and facilitate mobility either for postgraduate study or employment.

  • If necessary, you may also apply to the Finnish National Board of Education for a specific statement on your Finnish qualification.

  • More information: European Commission information on the Diploma Supplement