Maturity Exam Requirements


  • A maturity examination is a compulsory study attainment stipulated in the degree requirements at the University of Lapland.

  • Before a student can graduate, he/she must have completed a maturity examination in the field of their thesis.

  • In the written maturity exam, the student has to prove expertise of the subject area of his/her thesis and sufficient knowledge of the subject in his/her native language (in Finnish universities this language component only concerns students that have Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue).

  • For the maturity exam, the thesis supervisor will give three topics or essay style questions related to the subject matter of the thesis concerned. The student has to pick one of these, and write an answer of three to five pages in length. The student will have four hours to complete the exam.

  • A student can register for the written maturity exam once their thesis work has been handed in for printing. Generally, maturity exams are taken on one of the scheduled monthly examination dates for the faculty in question (registration is done in the usual fashion).

  • If for whatever reason a student is unable to attend the chosen examination session, then he/she must consult their thesis supervisor as soon as possible to resolve the matter.

  • Students who are unable to take their maturity exam on campus, will be given the opportunity to do so at an alternative location nearest to them (e.g. local university / college; government office; embassy or consulate). In order to make such arrangements, the student must contact their coordinating professor several weeks in advance.

  • The written maturity exam is graded simply as a pass or fail, and it has to be passed before the student’s thesis can be approved.