Thesis Publishing and Storage


Supervisor’s Tasks at the Completion Stage

  • As the Master’s thesis is completed and before the supervisor can give permission to print the thesis, the student has to agree to the Urkund check of the thesis with the supervisor. Urkund is a plagiarism detection tool for teachers, which compares documents and marks found similarities as a possible instance of plagiarism.

  • The student sends the thesis, in a .pdf form, to the supervisor’s email address

  • After the thesis has passed the Urkund check, the supervisor gives the student permission to print the thesis.


Student’s Tasks at the Completion Stage

Printing and binding the Master’s thesis, as well as delivering it to the examiners

  • After the supervisor has given permission to print the Master’s thesis, the student delivers it, as a .pdf file, to the Lapland University Press by email (paino@ulapland.fi).

  • The University Press prints three copies of the Master’s thesis; of them, the University Press delivers two to the faculty office and one to the Registry of the University to be archived.

  • The university covers the printing costs of these copies. The student can order additional copies of the thesis and pay for them him or herself.

  • The faculty office delivers copies to the examiners. The copies to be delivered to the examiners should arrive at the faculty office four weeks before the meeting of the faculty council in which the Master’s thesis is wished to become evaluated.

  • In cases where a Confidentiality Request has been issued, then the conditions of that request will be respected.


Delivering the Master’s thesis to the library after acceptance

  • The copies of the theses sent to the library are in an electronic form.

  • After being evaluated and accepted by the faculty council, the student sends his or her thesis, as a .pdf file, to the library by email (gradut@ulapland.fi), and a copy of this email is forwarded to the supervisor of his or her thesis.

  • The library staff stores the Master’s thesis in the Lauda publications archive. To do this, the student has to fill out a permission form (see the attachment on the right side bar), sign it, and deliver it to the library in paper or send it via email from the student’s own ulapland.fi email address both to the library (gradut@ulapland.fi) and to the supervisor of the thesis.


Electronic publishing of the Master’s thesis in the Lauda publications archive

  • Master’s theses are published in the open publications archive of the university, Lauda, which allows open-access to theses via the Internet or, in exceptional cases, via limited-access of the University of Lapland. The student always retains copyrights to his or her thesis (Law of Copyright, http://www.finlex.fi, search word “copyright”).

  • The Master’s thesis is stored in Lauda by the library. The library adds key words when necessary and publishes it in Lauda, after which the thesis can be freely accessed via the Internet.

  • In exceptional cases, and if the student wishes, the Master’s thesis can be stored so that it can be accessed only at the Library of the University of Lapland. Open-access publication on the Internet can be limited, for example, by issues with copyrights, protection of research participants, or trade secrets.

  • The publication of a Master’s thesis in the open-access publications archive means to the student, for example, the following things:
    a) coverage of the thesis
    b) possibility to cite the thesis
    c) better chances to notice the expertise of the student
    d) open-access publication can lead to employment offers to newly graduated Masters.

  • To learn more about the necessary process and details on how to feed the chosen information into the LAUDA database, go to the University Library webpages.