Reserving an exam

If the examination is available electronically, you can reserve a time and place using the students' electronic exam service

The examination room is in the main library, at the 2nd floor.  You can reserve a time to take your examination in this room. The time period(s) during which it is possible to take the examination will be decided by the person who receives your exam.

Electronic exam service is closed during the servicedays: Next serviceday 18.10.2016.
Please notice the exceptions of opening hours in the University Library.

Stages of making your reservation:


  1. You can reserve your examination in the students' electronic exam service

  2. Log in to the service with the basic user account and your password.

  3. Start making your reservation using the link Make a new reservation.

  4. Select the subject area to which the exam in question belongs.

  5. Select the exam you want to take.

  6. When you have selected the exam you will see the reservations calendar announcing the times when it is possible to take that exam in the room. You will also see in the calendar how much time is allowed for taking the exam in question. You can browse the calendar viewing weeks and months in the overview. The calendar will also show you how many machines are free in the room.

  7. On the calendar for the room you have selected click the time when you want to take the exam. The text Selected will appear against the time you have selected. You can check the time you have selected from the bottom edge of the calendar. The Next key at the bottom of the page will allow you to continue with your reservations.

  8. Check the information in the reservation you have made. You can also choose if you want notification of the reservation and/or the evaluation to be sent to your e-mail.

  9. At the end of the page click the square if you undertake to abide by the conditions of use of the electronic examinations service.

  10. On the next page you will see the information on the reservation again. On this page you will also see the number of the machine on which you are to take your exam. Ensure that you remember the number. If, when you come to the room for the exam you try to log in on the wrong machine it will give you the correct number.

  11. You can go back to the starting page, where you will see the reservation you have made. The next time you log in to the electronic examinations service you will see the reservations you have made on the starting page. If you want you can later cancel the reservation you made on this page. In the event of a reservation not being used the same evaluation regulations will apply as for those who do not arrive to take an exam.

  12. Log off at the top right corner using the Log off key.