Taking an exam

Logging to examination room


  • Go to the library's customer desk and ask for electronic key to examination room
  • If you need white board and pen you can have them from the customer desk also.
  • Leave all you things to key cabinet, which is behind of  the library's customer desk (waterbottle, hanky are allowed to take to examination room)
  • Examination room is located in 2nd floor


Taking an exam


  • If the computer is not switched on, start it up
  • Log in to the electronic examinations service with your user ID
  • Take your exam. The examinations system will store your answers one page at a time. Your answers will be preserved if for some reason the exam is interrupted. You can still go back to your earlier answers and make changes to them.
  • End the exam by clicking the Send for evaluation button
  • Leave the examination room


Examination surveillance


  • The regulations pertaining to entry surveillance, evaluation of studies and use of information systems apply to electronic exams.
  • The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video surveillance
  • You may not leave the examination room during an examination
  • Surveillance and confirmation of identity will be accomplished by collating entry surveillance and video surveillance information with your examination.


Disturbances and problems during the examination


  • In the event of your examination being disturbed or impeded, discontinue the exam and leave the electronic examination room.

  • Always report without delay impedance or discontinuation of an exam on the appropriate form. The link to the appropriate form will be found on the front page of the examinations service.

  • A report is required for you to be able to have a resit before the time reserved for evaluation has expired. After making your report you will receive information about the earliest date for taking the examination again.




  • There is a telephone in the electronic examination room through which you can reach the house managers.
  • The house managers are not responsible for the examination system or examination arrangements or for questions on the content of the examinations!