Guides and Guidebooks

The following is a list of guides and guidebooks intended to help international students before and during their studies:

Institutional fact sheet

The University of Lapland Institutional Fact Sheet serves as a good summary of information related to studying at the University of Lapland.

Study in Lapland
For admitted students

The Study in Lapland guidebook is designed for international students who have been accepted to study at the University of Lapland. The guidebook contains important information which you need to know before you leave your home country and after you have arrived in Rovaniemi. Practical advice and information about the studying and living in Rovaniemi is placed at the end of the guidebook. This information helps you to get started in a new place.

Orienteering Map - Guidebook for International Degree Students

The Orienteering Map is a handy map for degree students to guide you throughout your studies and a little beyond.



General Guidelines for Academic Writing

Studying at a Finnish university can at times be very different from studying at other universities. Besides differing in teaching methods, (academic) manners and terminology used, various practical matters of the Finnish academic system can take a little while to get familiar with. Hence, the purpose of the General Guidelines for Academic Writing is to help new students familiarise themselves with the aspect of “academic writing” as practiced in the system of study here at the University of Lapland.



Living in Finland

This guide - Living in Finland - consists of information on Finnish culture, history and traditional customs as well as procedures and rules related to the society and working life.

Study Abroad

TheYour Ticket to Ride Guidebook contains detailed information on the various exchange agreements and programmes of the University of Lapland and how to apply.

Become a tutor

If you haven’t been a tutor before you might be unsure about your task description, your responsibilities and your rights. The Guidebook for International Tutor will help you to prepare as well as possible. This guidebook is primarily targeted at international degree students.

Personal Study Plan

The PSP Guidebook for Students provides detailed information on the Pesronal Study Plan every student has to make at the beginning of the studies. It helps to outline and schedule studies as well as setting and achieving predetermined goals. A PSP is compiled degree specifically together with your teacher tutor.