Student Rights and Obligations

The university exists for the students and they have the right to speak out and report violations if they believe there are problems within the university’s learning environment. Students also have academic obligations during their studies and are expected to abide certain rules and regulations. Do you know your rights and obligations?

Do you know your rights?

  • You can appeal student selection results or the grade of an exam.
  • You can affect your studies in their development by providing feedback to the faculty and Student Union.
  • As a Student Union member, you are entitled to various discounts.
  • You have the right to vote in the Faculty Council and Board elections.
  • Students have representatives in the governing bodies and working groups – you can come to meetings to show your support!
  • You can examine your student records at the student registrar.
  • You have the right to report incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination.

What about your obligations?

  • There is a restricted amount of study time to complete your degree programme if you began studies in the academic year 2005-2006 or after and students are expected to graduate before the end of this time period.
  • Studying requires enrolment at the university - without being enrolled as “present” you will not be able to participate in exams.
  • In order to receive student grant assistance from the government (if eligible), you must maintain a monthly required amount of study credits.
  • If you receive a student grant from the government, you cannot earn more than a certain amount of yearly allowed income.
  • If you are guilty of plagiarism or cheating, you may be suspended from studying for some time.

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