Courses for Exchange Students

  • International courses taught in English are an important dimension of the education provided by the University of Lapland. Courses are taught in all of our faculties.


  • You can choose courses from different faculties, however restrictions apply to the Faculty of Art and Design.


  • Exchange students are required to complete a full course load during their exchange study period. This means 25 - 30 ECTS per semester, 60 ECTS for the full academic year. We recommend that students select enough courses to ensure they have a full course load even if some of the selected courses are not offered.


  • Use the course information from the current academic year. Course catalogues are only updated in summer.


  • Be prepared for possible changes to the courses.


  • Course information below: 

Faculty of Art and Design

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Language Centre


  • Different units of the Faculty of Social Sciences offer also several international courses in Research Methodology.


Course Catalogue 2015 - 2016: