Non-degree Programmes


  • University of Lapland offers a variety of non-degree programmes taught in English.

  • International programmes are an important dimension of the education provided by the University of Lapland, and are taught by all the faculties, as well as at the Language Centre and the Arctic Centre. More information on particular programmes can be found from the left side menu.

  • By principal rule, the right to study in all international programmes is given automatically to all degree and visiting students of the University of Lapland.

  • Exchange students are free to take courses from all of the faculties and do not necessarily have to choose one of these programs.

  • International non-degree programmes are also open for Open University students. Courses are the same as for degree students; there are no separate evening or weekend courses. Students are required to apply as so-called PIA (PIA= studies integrated to basic education in the faculties) for the studies through the Open University of Lapland.

  • Further information, for example, study schedules and up-dated course contents, are available from WebOodi Student Information System.



Course Catalogue 2015 - 2016: