Student Experiences


  • Arctic Studies Programme attracts all kinds of people from different disciplines, from all over the world.
  • ASP gives a comprehensive introduction to the Arctic issues to improve their competence, and for those who are already Arctic-oriented ASP offers deeper knowledge.
  • ASP offers new interesting points of view, current knowledge from the latest research and fruitful contacts - even lifelong friendships.
  • Many students who have taken their chance to study the Arctic Studies Programme in the University of Lapland have come back later to do their own research or at least it has had an influence on their thinking.


Here you can find stories from former ASP students:

Jodi McGregor, Canada

Alexandra Bernhard, Germany

Ashley Tufts, Canada

Jacine Briand-Racine, Canada

Emilia Mariaana Battersby, England

Hannes Prang, Germany

Sintija Dzelme, Latvia

Gerald Zojer, Austria

Jodi Gustafsson, Canada

Thomas Pollmann, Germany

Aubyn O'Grady, Canada

Nikolas Sellheim, Germany

Cecile Levieil, France

Moses Hernandez, Canada