Gender Studies (25 ECTS cr.)

Programme Overview

The Unit for Gender Studies welcomes students to study Gender Studies. Courses in English are specially designed for international students at the University of Lapland. Gender Studies are a discipline that examines cultural and social issues from the gender perspective, also taking into account other differences between people. The origins of the discipline can be traced back to the feminist movement and women’s rights. Today, the research focuses widely on the meanings of gender in education, politics, organisations, culture, and everyday life.

Gender Studies at the University of Lapland concentrate particularly on education and on social phenomena and cultural meanings from the gender perspective. The different fields of research are united by feminist theories of knowledge and theoretical discussions on gender. At the University of Lapland, women's and gender studies have been taught and feminist research has been carried out in cooperation with other subjects since 1989. The Unit for Women´s Studies was established in 2005. The name of the Unit changed to Unit for Gender Studies in 2010. Research at the Unit for Gender Studies focuses on questions of gendered culture in Lapland and the gendered meanings of education. The Unit collaborates with other faculties and research units, especially with the Centre for Research Education at the University of Lapland.

Visit the Unit for Gender Studies web-site for further details.

Students and Studies

The courses in Gender Studies are open to all students at the University. Students can have Gender Studies as a secondary subject (25 ECTS) and also carry out advanced special studies (60 ECTS). The courses are organised as lectures, group discussions, seminars, web-based studies, and literature-based essays and examinations. Distance learning and network-based courses are coordinated by Hilma, the Finnish University Network for Gender Studies.

When writing essays for courses, be sure to contact the teacher by e-mail or visit during office hour to get more detailed information of the assignment and instructions for writing essays. You can concentrate on different areas of Gender Studies: the concept feminism, Finnish woman’s position now and in history, language, art and society.

More information on structure of studies and courses is available in WebOodi.

Coordination and Contacts

The Unit for Gender Studies is responsible for the practical implementation of these courses, as well as other practical matters such as disseminating information about the courses, scheduling in close contact with the teaching staff.

Unit for Gender Studies
University of Lapland
Faculty of Education
PL 122, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Professor, Päivi Naskali, PhD
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4127
E-mail: Paivi.naskali(at)

Lecturer, Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4132
E-mail: heidi.sinevaara-niskanen(at)