Global Education (25 ECTS cr.)

Programme Overview

Global Education (GE), organized by Faculty of Education, is offered as a minor subject (25 cr.). Its aim is to help teacher trainees, teachers and other educators, working in increasingly multicultural environments, to apply education as a change agent in their work for positive social transformation. As an academic discipline, Global Education postulates that we live in a critical point of history, a turning-point in human evolution, and that education must empower world citizens to contribute to positive transformations in the society. Such world citizenship requires for its aid a set of ethical values and civic skills that are applicable to an inclusive and sustainable global future.

Students and Studies

Global Education studies form a coherent sequence of 9 courses that contribute towards the aforementioned objectives. In addition to these courses, the students are helped to orient their teaching practice and Bachelor’s Thesis in the direction of relevant themes. Although all courses are conducted in both Finnish and English, the course materials are all in English and, therefore, students are expected to have a relatively good command of the English. Assistance with Finnish is available during all courses.

The current minor subject studies comprise of 5 modules: introductory module (3 cr.), theoretical module (7 cr.), applied module (10 cr.), methodology module (5 cr.), as well as thesis module and practice module. These courses are compulsory for those students who take Global Education as a minor subject, with the exception of a Thesis module (GKAS3051) and a Practice module (GKAS3061), which are recommended, but not compulsory.

Visit the Global Education web-site for further details.

Coordination and Contacts

Dr. Partow Izadi , Ph.D. / M.Ed.
Senior Lecturer in Global Education
University of Lapland / Faculty of Education
P.O.Box 122
FIN-96190 Rovaniemi, FINLAND
Tel. +358 (0)40 4844110
Email: partow.izadi(at)